Valuation Office

The Valuation Office has been responsible for Ireland’s State valuation service since 1830. The core business of the Office is the provision of accurate, up-to-date valuations of commercial and industrial properties to ratepayers and rating authorities, as provided by the Valuation Act 2001. These valuations are integral to the commercial rating system in Ireland, and form the basis for some €1.3 billion of Local Authority funding each year. In conducting our business, we interact with a wide range of customers and other stakeholders, including ratepayers and other members of the public, Local Authorities, professional agents acting on behalf of ratepayers or other clients, genealogical researchers and genealogical agents, and staff of other Government Departments and Offices.

The Valuation Office is currently engaged in a national programme to revalue all commercial and industrial properties in Ireland. The purpose of this National Revaluation programme is to reflect modern rental values across the valuation system, which is used by all local authorities as the basis for commercial rates. This will take account of changes and movements in property values over time and the programme will bring more uniformity and transparency into the local authority rating system. Click here for more on the National Revaluation Programme.

The Valuation Office also carries out market valuations of property for Government Departments and Offices and provides a valuation consultancy service to such organisations.