Professional Mapping

For professionals, businesses and the public sector, we provide a comprehensive range of authoritative spatial information products and services to help you succeed. Explore our Professional Mapping options.

What can we provide to improve your business?

In addition to selling paper map products, we also license the use of data in Digital format for a wide range of computer based applications such as Business Intelligence (BI), Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Digital data carries many capabilities including linked data abilities, providing a powerful operational, marketing and decision-making tool.

Digital mapping data can be provided in a range of formats and projections.

Our DLMCore data is extracted from the PRIME 2 database; a standardised, authoritative digital framework that enables the consistent referencing and integration of data related to location. The data included comes from a combination of sources; re-engineered data from the previous digital database, and new data plotted from orthophotography or captured on site by GPS. The Digital Landscape Model (DLM) allows the data to be attributed with metadata, including text labels (placenames etc.), and lifecycle status (indicating when individual objects were first mapped, ammended, or deleted).

We can provide Height, Historic and Discovery data in digital formats as well as a digital version of our popular Planning Pack. Please visit the Surveying Store for further information.

Additionally, we have made a number of our digital data sets available as open data. These can be explored on Surveying Open Data.

Where can I buy your digital products?

The purchase and use of digital data is subject to licensing terms and conditions. Those wishing to license more digital data than is available from the Surveying Store should contact