Rule 25 – Entry of easement or profit à prendre as part of description of property registered

 (1) An easement or profit à prendre expressly granted as an appurtenance by a Land Judge’s conveyance or a Land Commission or Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine vesting order, vesting fiat or other instrument may be entered in the register as part of the description of the property and may be described in the register by reference to the conveyance, order, fiat or other instrument. 

(2) Where a registered owner or an applicant for registration as owner desires to have a specific entry made in the register of any right appurtenant to the property acquired by grant in writing or under a court order, he/she, or his/her solicitor on his/her behalf, may make written application to the Authority for such an entry to be made. The Authority may then, on production of satisfactory evidence of title and subject to the service of such notices (if any) as it may direct, enter such right in the register as appurtenant to the property.