Multi-storied Development Plans (updated December 2005)

Multi-storied Development Plans (updated December 2005) – Legal Office Notice No. 8 of 2005

Registration of Individual Apartments in Multistorey schemes

Arising under social housing provisions local authorities will find themselves in the position of being obliged to register isolated multistorey units in existing buildings, which are hitherto unregistered. The applicants should be asked in the first instance to comply with the Registry’s standard multi-storey requirements

However, where this is not possible the following provisions will apply to applications re individual units, where registration is compulsory:

1. The application is to be treated as an exception to the general mapping requirements for multi-storey registrations.

2. It will be necessary to lodge a location map showing the outline (footprint) of the building and a map showing the floor plans for the floor on which the apartment is situated.

3. The location map can be either a current largest scale OSi map or an original filed plan map.

4. The apartment floor plan should be shown on a single A3 sheet where possible.

5. The apartment should be uniquely identified (unit number in black) and extent of apartment outlined in red.

6. The floor plan map should be plotted at an appropriate metric scale.

7. The floor and ceiling heights for the apartment should be shown.

8. In areas covered by National Grid, co-ordinate information should be given for the apartment.

9. The weight of paper used should be at least 100g/m2.

10. In respect of computer -generated maps the plans should be plotted to the minimum resolution of 300 dpi.


Paul Brent

Mapping advisor

December 2005