Irish Life and Permanent plc to Permanent TSB plc

Irish Life & Permanent plc to Permanent TSB plc – Legal Office Notice No. 2 of 2012

Irish Life & Permanent plc Legal Office Notice No.2/2012

By Certificate of Incorporation on change of name, (No. 222332), registered in the Companies Registration Office on 29th June 2012, it is certified that by Special Resolution of the Company and with the approval of the Registrar of Companies, Irish Life & Permanent Public Liability Company changed its name and is now incorporated as a limited company under the name Permanent TSB Public Liability Company.

The following procedures apply as and from 29th June 2012:

1. Discharges and vacates of charges in favour of Irish Life & Permanent plc will be executed under the name Permanent TSB plc.

2. Charges dated on or after 29th June 2012 must be in the name of Permanent TSB plc.

3. Charges dated prior to 29th June 2012 that are created in the name of Irish Life & Permanent plc, but lodged after that date, should be registered in the name of Permanent TSB plc.

4. On application by Permanent TSB plc, in any particular case, it may be registered in substitution for Irish Life & Permanent plc, as owner of individual charges, on payment of a fee of €40. 

Fergus Hayden Deputy Registrar

July 2012

Updated 1 February 2013