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We offer a number of large scale products to meet our customers' needs. Our Land and Property Maps include complete national coverage, and customers can select their own Area of Interest.

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Planning Packs

A large scale map is a must when applying for planning permission. Planning Packs are available online from the Tailte Éireann - Surveying store, to assist with planning applications.

There are two maps included in each pack, one large scale Urban (scale 1;1000) or Rural (scale 1;2500) Map and one Record Place Map (scale 1;10560). Paper planning packs (PDF) are ideal for one-off applications, while our digital version (DWG) is suitable for professionals since it requires specialist software. Reference files accompany all digital outputs.

Note: A planning pack should only be used for planning purposes. Consult your local planning authority for their specific requirements before purchasing.

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Land Registry Compliant Maps

These large scale maps are designed for land registration purposes and are available to purchase online. It can be used to support land registration applications, sales of land, first registrations, subdivisions of registered properties, and rights over registered properties.

It is provided as a PDF file in the size of an A4/A4 paper, site-centred on a particular area of interest.

Note: These maps include specific layers of data that make them unsuitable for planning purposes.

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PLACE Maps are our most comprehensive large-scale paper map offering, ideal for Planning, Legal, Agricultural, Construction and Engineering applications. With on-demand availability, you will always be able to access the most current, relevant and highly detailed survey information. Using the Irish Transverse Mercator (ITM) projection, this mapping is derived from our Prime 2 Digital Landscape Model Core Data.

You can purchase the product online in a variety of paper sizes at scales of 1:1,000, 1:2,500, or 1:5000.

Note: A4-A3 maps are delivered in PDF format for immediate download, while A2-A0 paper maps are professionally printed and delivered by post.

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Digital Landscape Models (DLM) Core Data

DLM Core data is derived from the PRIME 2 database, which provides a standardised, authoritative framework that facilitates reliable location reference. The database includes roads, rivers, buildings, and all the features you'd expect on a large scale map. Reengineered data from our previous digital database is combined with the latest data from orthophotography and GPS sources. One of the benefits of Digital Landscape Models (DLM) is that it is that data can be described using metadata, including place names (places, etc.) and lifecycle information (indicating when objects are first mapped, emended, or deleted).

An area of interest extract of up to 4 sq. km can be purchased online.

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Note: For larger areas, please contact