Rule 181 – Reference of questions to court

 (1) An order of the Authority referring a question of law or fact to the court under Section 19(2) of the Act or an application to be made to the court under Section 21(2) of the Act may, where the Authority considers appropriate, have annexed a memorandum signed by it which shall contain a concise statement of the material facts and documents on which the question referred to the court arises. 

(2) The order may state the question of law or fact for determination of the court and may direct by whom the matter is to be brought before the court and the persons to whom notice of the application to the court is to be given. 

(3) Where it appears to the Authority that there has been undue delay in having a matter referred by it to the court brought before the court for its decision, it may, by order, transfer the carriage of the proceedings from the person to whom it was given to some other person interested, or it may rescind its order and treat the proceedings in which the reference was made as abandoned.