The Tailte Éireann Act 2022 is a law that merges the Property Registration Authority, the Valuation Office, and Ordnance Survey Ireland into a new organisation called Tailte Éireann. The aim is to improve access to property and location information, as well as to support better land management for the economic and social development of Ireland.

The Act contains 41 sections in 4 Parts, along with 2 Schedules that set out the necessary provisions to give effect to these measures and to related matters. Part 1 of the Act contains general legislative provisions for such matters as interpretation, commencement, and expenses. Part 2 sets out the establishment of Tailte Éireann, including its functions, organisational structure, Board, staff, and other related matters. Part 3 provides for the dissolution of the Property Registration Authority and Ordnance Survey Ireland and the transfer of functions, land, property, rights, liabilities, staff, and records to Tailte Éireann. Part 4 provides for consequential amendments to other enactments.

Schedule 1 sets out the constitution and composition of a Board structure for Tailte Éireann, and Schedule 2 provides references to the provisions of repealed enactments.