Proposed Valuation Certificate FAQs

I have received a Proposed Valuation Certificate for a property I no longer occupy.

Return the hardcopy of the Proposed Valuation Certificate to the Valuation Office (Freepost, Valuation Office, Block 2, Irish life Centre, Abbey Street Lower, Dublin 1, D01E9X0) or send a copy of this certificate to stating that you are no longer the occupier of the property in question.

The property description / use etc. is incorrect, how do I change it?

If any details on the Proposed Valuation Certificate are incorrect (other than the occupier's name), you must submit Representations online here, which is free of charge, to amend these details.

My postal address doesn’t match the Valuation Office local address on the certificate.

The lot numbering used by Tailte Éireann may not match your local number in many instances. To check if the local address matches your properties postal address you can view our online map here. Simply input your Property Number under "Check Property Valuation", scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "View On Map".

Our property should be exempt from rates, what should we do?

You should submit a representation online here and state that your property should be exempt and outline the reason why. If you are a charity, you must quote your Charity Registration Number. 

My property is vacant.

Vacant commercial properties still carry a commercial valuation. It is at the discretion of the Local Authority if they wish to apply vacancy relief to a property, you should speak to your Local Authority regarding this matter. If there are any other issues with your valuation, please submit representations online here.

I disagree with my valuation, what should I do?

If you wish to appeal your valuation, please complete and submit Representations online here with your property and PIN number which is available on the certificate. You should also upload any supporting information you wish to submit here too. There is no fee incurred for this appeal and you have 40 days from the issue date on the certificate to make your representations.

How are commercial properties measured/valued?

Tailte Éireann has produced some videos on how commercial properties are measured/valued. Please see these videos on our website here.