Rule 70 – Registration under a transfer or vesting order on sale in execution of order of court

 (1) A transfer on sale by a registered owner (or by his/her personal representative or by a person appointed in that behalf by the court) in execution of a decree, judgment or order of a court, or a vesting order on sale in pursuance of such a decree, judgment or order, shall be accompanied by- 

(a) an official copy of the order of the court directing the sale of the property; 

(b) a certificate of the Examiner of the High Court or (if the sale has been directed by the Circuit Court) a certificate of the county registrar, certifying the result of his/her enquiries as to incumbrances; 

(c) an official copy of the final order approving of the sale and the payment out of court of the proceeds of sale. 

(d) where the sale is in pursuance of an order of the Circuit Court, a further certificate of the county registrar specifying the parties to the proceedings for sale and the persons served with notice of, and bound by, such proceedings. 

(2) On production in the Registry of the relevant documents referred to at sub-paragraphs (a), (b), (c) and (d), the Authority shall cancel such charges, judgment mortgages and other burdens in the register of the property comprised in the transfer that appear no longer to affect the property sold.