Rule 5 – Revision of folios of registers

 (1) The Authority, on an application by the registered owner or when it thinks it practicable or desirable, may clear the title to property entered in a folio of a register by closing it and opening a revised folio for the property containing the subsisting entries only. It may, in doing so, make any rearrangement conducive to clarity, including the entry of the property in two or more folios, or the entry of the property on two or more folios in one folio, or the altering of the number of a folio. On the completion of the revision of the folio, notification shall be sent to the registered owner (or his/her solicitor) of the revised folio number. 

(2) Any person inspecting a revised folio of a register may inspect the closed folio or folios for which it is substituted or the preceding folio or folios or the record of it maintained in the Registry.