Rule 46 – Acquisition of easements and profits by prescription

 (1) Pursuant to section 49A of the Act, any person claiming to be entitled to an easement or profit à prendre by prescription, may apply for the registration of such right in Form 68 with such modifications as the case may require. The Authority, if satisfied that the relevant requirements have been met, and following service of notices on the servient owner, may cause, as appropriate, the claimed easement or profit à prendre to be entered as an appurtenance in accordance with Section 82 of the Act, as a burden pursuant to Section 69(1)(jj) and, in the case of a profit à prendre in gross, to be entered in the register maintained under Section 8(b)(i) of the Act. 

(2) The notice shall be in Form 69. 

(3) Where the dominant title of the applicant is not registered, the application must be accompanied by an application for first registration pursuant to Rules 14 to 19. 

(4) Where the servient land is unregistered and satisfactory evidence of the identity of the owner of the servient land is not produced the Authority may direct such searches, advertisements, notices and enquiries as it may deem necessary.