Rule 188 – Application of the Act to incorporeal hereditaments held in gross

Subject to Rule 187, the provisions of the Act relating to the registration of the title to property and the burdens affecting registered property, except those to which Section 73 applies, shall apply to registration in the register maintained under Section 8(b) of the Act of the ownership of all incorporeal hereditaments held in gross pursuant to the provisions of the said Act and these Rules, with the following modifications- 

(a) “Land comprising incorporeal hereditaments held in gross” shall be substituted for “land” or “lands” or “freehold land”, where these expressions occur in such provisions and the context so requires; 

(b) The burdens specified in Section 69(1)(b), (h), (j), (m), (n) and that part of the burden specified at (q), namely, “or a right of residence (whether an exclusive right of residence or not)”; and of Section 72(1) (b), (h), (n) and (o) shall be excluded from those sections in their application to such hereditament, but the conditions, estates, rights and interests, if any, specified in the grant creating the hereditament shall be included as burdens to which, though not registered, such a registered hereditament is subject.