Rule 177 – Costs of proceedings before Authority

 (1) The costs of any proceedings on a hearing before the Authority shall be in its discretion and it may direct by and to whom they are to be paid. 

(2) Subject to the provisions of Section 100(2) of the Act, and unless the parties otherwise agree, the costs shall be taxed. 

(3) Costs shall, when taxable, be taxed by a Taxing Master of the High Court, and the Rules of the Superior Courts for the time being relative to taxation shall apply to such costs as if the Land Registry were an Office of the High Court. 

(4) In the taxation of costs, the Taxing Master shall have regard to the procedure prescribed by the Act and these Rules and shall disallow the costs of any document or part thereof that he/she may consider unnecessary or prolix having regard to the prescribed form and the procedure and effect of registration under the Act.