Rule 146 – Form of Registry maps

 (1) Registry maps shall be maintained in paper form or in electronic form, or partly in one form and partly in the other form, for the plans of property described in the registers. 

(2) Where the registry maps are in paper form they shall include- (a) general and/or index maps showing the position and extent of every registered property; 

(b) any map adopted under the provisions of Section 84(2) of the Act (as substituted by Section 61 of the Act of 2006). 

(3) Where the registry maps are held in electronic form they may be displayed or reproduced in such manner as the Authority may determine. 

(4) The maps maintained shall be on such map projection, with necessary or obvious adjustments to conform to Ordnance Survey Ireland detail or with such consents or after such enquiries or notices, as the Authority directs. Where this is not feasible, maps may be maintained for such areas and on such scales as the Authority allows.