Rule 131 – Procedure on application for inhibition

 (1) The Authority may refuse to enter an inhibition applied for unless modified in such manner as it shall direct. 

(2) Where the Authority is satisfied on the facts disclosed in an application or in any document produced in support of it that the applicant is prima facie entitled to the right or interest claimed, it shall send notice of the application and of the proposed inhibition- (a) to the registered owner of the property, if the right or interest is enforceable against him/her; 

(b) to the person or persons appearing to be entitled to dispose of the estate or interest in the property against which the right exists, where the registered owner is known to be dead or is a minor or mentally incapacitated or where his/her whereabouts are unknown or the estate or interest affected by the right is in a settlement under which a limited owner is registered. 

(3) The Authority may also give notice to any person appearing from the register to be affected by the right or interest. 

(4) The notice shall be in Form 78.