Rule 122 – Form of caution, affidavit or certificate in support and notice

 (1) A caution against dealings by a registered owner shall be in Form 70. The caution shall be signed by the cautioner or his/her solicitor and shall contain an address in the State for service of notices on the cautioner. 

(2) A caution may be limited to specified dealings by the registered owner. 

(3) The affidavit in support of the caution shall be in Form 71 and shall state the facts that show the unregistered right in, to or over the registered property in respect of which the caution is lodged. The certificate under Section 97(6) of the Act may be in Form 65 (suitably adapted) signed by the solicitor to the statutory authority. 

(4) Notice of the entry of a caution shall be sent by the Authority to the registered owner of the property to which it relates. The notice shall be in Form 72.