Rule 119 – Lis Pendens

 (1) An application for the registration of a lis pendens as a burden shall be made in Form 64. It shall be signed by the applicant or his/her solicitor and shall have endorsed a certificate of the existence of the cause or proceeding signed by the proper officer of the Central Office of the High Court. 

(2) The entry of a lis pendens in the register shall be in Form 65, with such variation thereof as the Authority may, in special circumstances, direct. 

(3) An application for the cancellation of a lis pendens shall be made by lodging in the Registry a certificate in Form 33 as provided by Rule 5 of Order 72A of the Rules of the Superior Courts (the Act of 2009) 2010 by the proper officer of the Central Office of the High Court that the lis pendens has been cancelled on the register of lis pendens maintained in the Central Office of the High Court, or alternatively, where the lis pendens was registered before the 1st December 2009, by lodging an order of the court directing its cancellation on the register, or by lodging a transfer of the property made in pursuance of an order for sale by the court in which the lis pendens may be, or by lodging the consent of the person on whose application it was registered as a burden.