Rule 11 – Applications for registration

 (1) Every application for registration sent, delivered or transmitted to the Registry for registration by a person or a solicitor shall be accompanied by- 

(a) the necessary documents to support the registration sought; 

(b) the prescribed fee; 

(c) a statement signed by him/her setting out- (i) the ownership or other entries for the registration of which he/she applies; (ii) the documents sent; (iii) the amount of Land Registry fees payable; (iv) where the application is by a solicitor, the names of all the parties to the transaction for whom he/she acts as solicitor. 

(2) The statement shall be in Form 17. 

(3) (a) The Authority may prepare, and cause to be promulgated, such forms and directions as it considers appropriate for the purpose of facilitating proceedings under the Acts. 

(b) Directions under sub-rule 3(a) may, for example, specify the characteristics (including shape, design, size, colour and quality) of the paper to be used for forms for any class of dealing or other matter, or the format of forms in electronic form, and the deviations from prescribed forms which are permitted or required to be made in connection with dealings or other matters of that class. 

(4) (a) The Authority may require such evidence of the identity and permanent address of personal applicants for registration as it considers appropriate. 

(b) Where such applications for registration are made, it may serve notice on the registered owner if considered appropriate by the Authority. 

(c) The notice shall be in Form 18.