Status of Children Act 1987

Status of Children Act 1987 – Legal Office Notice 16 September 1988

The Status of Children Act 1987 was passed on the 14.12.1988.

Part V of it, which relates to property rights, came into operation on the 14th June, 1988.

In deducing any relationship for the purposes of that Act the relationship between every person and his father and mother (or either of them) shall unless the contrary appears, be determined irrespective of whether his father and mother are or have been married to each other, and all other relationships shall be determined accordingly. (Sections 3(1) and Section 29).

Part V of the Status of Children Act 1987 amends the Legitimacy Act 1931 the Adoption Act 1952 and the Succession Act 1965. It does not affect rights arising on deaths before the 14th June 1988.

Transmissions on death of registered full owners who die after 14th June 1988 continue to be governed by Section 61 of the Registration of Title Act 1964 and by Section 54 of the Succession Act 1965. The Registrar is not entitled to enquire as to why any assent or transfer by a personal representative of a deceased full owner is or was made and he is bound to assume that the personal representative is or was acting in relation to the assent or transfer correctly and within his powers.

Section 49 Applications and first registration applications must be considered in the light of Part V of the Status of Children Act 1987 where deaths after 14th June, 1988 are involved.

Deputy Registrar

16 September 1988