Certification of Title – Benefits of Registration of Title

  • State guarantee.
  • Simple forms of transfer.
  • No repetitive investigations of title.
  • No provision required to be made for custody of title deeds.
  • No searching required to ascertain the whereabouts of original title documents.
  • Clear property descriptions based on an Ordnance Survey Map.
  • Purchasers can accept the title offered.
  • The additional advantages of registered title available through our online service, landdirect.ie, through which one can search and inspect folios and title plans.

The Form 3 procedure [Rule 19(3) of the Land Registry Rules 2012]:

If you have registered or closed a recent conveyance/assignment on sale, where the consideration is less than €1,000,000 you are urged to consider availing of the modified form of application for first registration of title in LR Form 3 of the Land Registration Rules.

If you can vouch for the title of the purchaser, then you can use the modified form of First Registration and lodge.

  • Form 3 containing all paragraphs as prescribed in the Land Registration Rules 2012 [S.I. 483 of 2012].
  • The original Deed of Conveyance/Assignment on sale [together with an attested/certified copy of the lease if leasehold].
  • Original Map or plan of the property acceptable for registration purposes (see the Mapping Guidelines section for more detail).
  • LR Form 17.
  • Fee of €130.

Please note: The prior title should not be lodged in these cases.

Situations in which Form 3 may not be appropriate:

  • Where the title is based on a voluntary conveyance/assignment or assent on death.
  • Where any part of the prior title is based on possession.
  • Where the conveyance/assignment is over 5 years old.
  • Where the title is subject to any unexplained rents or covenants.
  • Where superior, intermediate or lower estates or interest have been acquired and merger or forfeiture is claimed.
  • Where the interest being conveyed/assigned is lessee’s interest under a renewable Lease.
  • Where the property being conveyed or assigned forms portion of property comprised in a Fee Farm Grant or Lease in respect of which it is stated that rent has been apportioned.
  • Where a step in prior title is impossible or erroneous.
  • The Form 3 procedure is not appropriate if the solicitor who makes the Form 3 has a beneficial interest in the property.

Fast Track Process.

The Land Registry will fast track all such applications.