Land Registration Services

The  Register

The Irish Land Register is one of the most advanced land registers in Europe. The Register is fully computerised and all registered land parcels are digitised. The Register consists of textual and spatial information (folios and maps). The registered land in each county is divided into folios, one for each individual ownership or title. Each folio is numbered sequentially within the county division. 


Click to see a Sample Folio.

The Register is conclusive evidence of title to property and any right, privilege, appurtenance or burden appearing thereon. The title shown on the folio is guaranteed by the State which is bound to indemnify any person who suffers loss through a mistake made by the Land Registry. 

Maps (Title Plans)

Click to see a Sample Title Plan

The Land Registry operates a non-conclusive boundary system which means that the map does not indicate whether a boundary includes a hedge or wall or ditch etc. However, the physical features along which the boundaries run must be accurately identified.

The core business of the Land Registry involves examining applications for registration. We also supply evidence of title and a range of associated services. The fees for Land Registry services are set out in the “Land Registration (Fees) Order, 2012 (S.I. No. 380 of 2012)”

Applications for registration

Applications are prepared on behalf of the customer by qualified legal practitioners and submitted for registration.

In making decisions on applications, staff apply a wide range of legislation, take account of court decisions and adhere to principles of natural and constitutional justice. The legal impact of the documents and related maps lodged are then recorded on the folios and title plans of the Register.

The type of application lodged ranges from applications for first registration, transfers of part of a folio, charges (mortgages), burdens (e.g. right of way) etc.

The Land Registry Practice Directions and Legal Office Notices on this site provide guidance on the principles and procedures followed in making decisions on applications. However, this does not constitute legal advice and it is always recommended that you consult a qualified legal practitioner. Note that the Land Registry is not an advisory body and cannot give advice on individual cases. 

Applications for the purchase of the freehold under the Ground Rents Purchase Scheme

This is a scheme under which owners of leasehold property can purchase their ground rent and enlarge their interest into a freehold.  

The Ground Rents Purchase Scheme explanatory leaflet, Application Forms and other relevant information are published on this site under Ground Rent Services.

Certified Copy Folio/Title Plan

The folios and maps of the Register constitute a public record and any person may apply to inspect or obtain a copy folio/title plan, on payment of the appropriate fee.

  • If you know the relevant folio number you can apply for a copy on or by downloading and completing the Application Form for Copy Folio (fee €40) or Application Form for Copy Folio/Title Plan showing appurtenant rights of way and/or other “special features”, if any, relating to the lands (fee €40) and sending the completed form together with a cheque/postal order for the appropriate fee to: Customer Service Unit Tailte Éireann Chancery Street Dublin 7
  • If you don’t know the relevant folio number, you can apply for a mapping search or names index search to be carried out. 

Certified Copy Instruments

When an application for registration (a “Dealing”) is completed, the legal effect of the documents lodged is registered on the folio. A purchaser for value can rely on the folio as evidence of title without having to read the title deeds. The title documents are subsequently filed in the Land Registry in a file known as an “Instrument”.

  • There are some circumstances in which an inspection of an Instrument may be applied for. However, not everyone is entitled to inspect an Instrument. The Instrument can only be inspected by the registered owner of the property, his/her personal representative and any person authorised by such persons, by an order of the court or under Rule 159 of the Land Registration Rules 2012.
  • Before completing an Application Form for Copy Instrument* under Rule 159 please read the guidelines attached to the form .You must specify why you consider yourself to be entitled to inspect and/or obtain a copy of the Instrument (or part of an Instrument).
  • Any person who is entitled to inspect an Instrument may obtain a copy of the Instrument, on payment of the appropriate fee.
  • The completed application form along with appropriate identification and a cheque/postal order for the relevant fee (€40 per Instrument) should be lodged to: Customer Service Unit Tailte Éireann Chancery Street Dublin 7

* See Legal Office Notice 5/2010 – Personal Applications for Copy Instruments must be accompanied by a Personal Applicant’s Identification Form. 

Please note: Instruments are stored off-site and will not be available on the day of request. 

Search facilities

Online search

Many of our services are available through our online service – To avail of the full range of services you must open a Business Account with a minimum pre-payment of €125.

If you are not a Business Account Holder, you can search the Land Registry map online, free of charge. You may also view folios and order certified copy folios with maps on payment of the prescribed fee.

You may still avail of our services by post or by booking an appointment to one of our public offices between 10.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays). The locations of our offices are published on this site under Contact Us. 

Map search

Carrying out a mapping search will reveal if the property is registered in the Land Registry and will identify the relevant folio number.

To apply for an official mapping search (fee €40):

  • Outline the relevant plot in red on an Ordnance Survey Ireland map and send with your completed application in Form 89 with a cheque/postal order for the relevant fee to; Customer Service Unit Tailte Éireann Chancery Street Dublin 7


  • Attend at our public office and point out the relevant plot on the maps provided. Once the folio number has been identified you may then apply for a certified Copy Folio or Copy Folio/Title Plan.

Search by registered owner

To apply for a name search (fee €5):

  • You must know the name and address of the current registered owner. (Otherwise you must apply for a mapping search as above.)
  • Send your completed application in Form 88 together with a cheque/postal order for the relevant fee to: Customer Service Unit Tailte Éireann Chancery Street Dublin 7

If the result of a search indicates that the property is not registered in the Land Registry it may have been dealt with in the Registry of Deeds. Please see the Registry of Deeds section on this site for information on the records maintained there and how to search them.