About Us

A new body called Tailte Éireann will be formed when the Property Registration Authority (PRA), Valuation Office (VO) and Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) are merged. 

The PRA, VO and OSi manage the most comprehensive set of property and spatial data in Ireland. By combining all three in Tailte Éireann it will:

  • Enhance the benefits of land information for Ireland’s continued economic and social development
  • Ensure easy access to and use of location information, including property and title information, property valuation data, maps, and aerial imagery, for citizens, businesses and policymakers
  • Lead the development and maintenance of national spatial information infrastructures and support better land management. 

When established, Tailte Éireann will provide authoritative property registration, property valuation services for the State, as well as national mapping and surveying infrastructure.

Together with its key public and private stakeholders, Tailte Éireann will pursue its objectives and strategy at national and EU levels.