Our Corporate Logo

As part of the preparations for the merger of the three organisations, a new corporate logo and strapline has been designed for Tailte Éireann, incorporating a number of design features:

  • The logo is a new design and unique to our organisation
  • The logo acknowledges and incorporates the distinct origins and shared future of  the organisation
  • The centre-point of the logo represents an identifiable “T” shape to reinforce the word Tailte
  • The shapes and patterns in the logo represent a mix of urban and rural landscapes, elements and features, all of  which are central to the work of Tailte Éireann
  • Gridlines are used as a backdrop to represent the precision or accuracy of the work of our organisation
  • Tailte is represented in bold text to potentially enable us to use it as an abbreviated working title, if desired in the future
  • The strapline is succinct and provides strong emphasis on the organisation’s purpose. The words are ordered in alphabetical sequence in their Irish language format.

Our new corporate logo is, of course, just the beginning in building an identity for Tailte Éireann. We will continue to work with our customers and other stakeholders to develop a “brand” for our new organisation.