Ordnance Survey Ireland

Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) is the national mapping agency with responsibility for maintaining and developing the national topographic mapping and surveying infrastructure. It provides a comprehensive range of spatial information products and services.

As a leader is spatial information, OSi provides innovative solutions to meet the requirements of its customers and drives the development of national spatial information in support of government strategy.

The accurate capture of physical features is achieved by both aerial and ground surveying methods. OSi captures, manages and maintains the raw digital information of the physical landscape that supports development and growth for the state, commercial and consumer sector.

Cartographic presentation of mapping is tailored to suit a wide variety of needs. The cartography can be supplied as printed publications or as digital data. OSi principally serves two distinct customer types: corporate or government customers who licence the very detailed and accurate geographic information that OSi creates and maintains and transactional customers who want a map to support a planning application, a land transfer or for some tourist or outdoor leisure activity.